Preparing Your Volkswagen Camper For Summer



Summer is coming and we have put together this handy little guide to help in preparing your Volkswagen Camper for summer.

No doubt you’re already thinking ahead and planning new journeys and adventures in your VW camper, but first you need to make sure your van is as ready as you are and that means making a few essential checks before hitting the road.


  • Check your tyres

Check the pressure on all tyres including the spare, especially if your van has been sat in the same spot for months. As well as air pressure you should also check for any cuts, bulges, uneven wear and tear and any objects that could have become embedded in the tread. Your tyres need to have the correct tread depth too, it’s essential for good grip on the road.

  • Look for leaks

First things first, take a look at the floor underneath your van. If there are any suspicious puddles it could indicate a leak from the coolant system, engine or brakes. Always get any leaks checked out, it’s better to find and fix the problem before it gets any worse.

  • Battery and Electrics maintenance

After the winter months, clean the terminals and give your battery a good charge. Check all road lights and interior lights, and any other electrics.

  • Clean and sterilise your water system

You should always drain your van’s water system before Winter to ensure there is no stale water or splits to the pipes. Once empty, simply flush the system through with water (to sterilise use Milton tablets) for a clean tank and pipes.


  • Give it a spring clean

Washing away any grime and dirt allows your camper to shine from the outside in and reduces the risk of mould and rust.

Wash any cushion covers, curtains and throws, even if they don’t appear dirty. Doing so will leave your van looking (and smelling) clean and fresh.

Give your cupboards, fridge, and storage areas a really good clean. Your van will thank you for it and you’ll be happy to tick it off the list.

If you carry a first aid kit or a fire extinguisher in your campervan, now is a good opportunity to check their condition and use-by dates.

  • Take your van for a short pre-summer drive

A short 20-minute drive is enough to warm everything up and evaporate all the moisture in the engine and exhaust. Listen for any unusual engine noises and check the gauges are working as they should be.

  • Last but definitely not least….

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to book your camper in for its annual service & MOT. Whilst some of the older campers may be exempt, we always recommend getting this done for your safety and peace of mind.